Interesting Places Near Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary

The New Home of Cheetahs have a number of intriguing tourist attractions as follow

Maitoni Fort

Maitoni is a wonderful fort whose huge arches will make you awestruck and whose shaky walls will give you an insight into the fights that it has withstood.

Amet Fort

Amet Fort was once a part of Chandravanshi Raja Bal Bahadur Singh's dominion, although it is now nearly completely engulfed by vegetation.

Palpur Fort or Garhi

Located on the banks of the Kuno River, Palpur Garhi previously served as a sanctuary to Chandravanshi Raja Bal Bahadur Singh. Sunset gives an amazing glow to this massive edifice whose reflection on the flowing river bewitches one’s eyes.

Kair-Khoh & Gravity Pipeline

Water from a natural spring that could not be put to any useful use is being delivered to several water holes at Kair Khoh using only gravity and an 18 km long pipeline. This maintenance-free technology has ensured that water is always available in various saucers and ponds.

Other Interesting Places That You Can See Near Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Dev Kho
  • Aamjhir
  • Bhanwar Kho
  • Maratha Kho
  • Daulatpura
  • Dev Kund
  • Jain Mandir
  • Natni Kho
  • Ransinh baba Temple
  • Dhoret Temple